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Causes of Alzheimer’s disease علل بیماری آلزایمر

بیماری آلزایمر ، با توجه به از دست رفتن پیشرونده حافظه کوتاه مدت و Alzheimer’s diseaseبه دنبال آن از بین رفتن عملکرد اشخاص مشخص می‌شود. تغییرات اولیه بیماری آلزایمر شامل از بین رفتن قشر مخ است. در همین ارتباط اخیرا مقاله کوتاهی را جهت آشنایی جمعی با علل این بیماری به زبان انگلیسی تهیه نموده بودم که بدینوسیله خلاصه آنرا تقدیم حضور شما سروران گرامی میکنم :


By ِDr. A.H.Serdar
While medical doctors note Alzheimer’s disease comprises progressive cerebral cell failure, they have not yet clearly recognized any distinct origin why cells fail, on the other hand it is cloudless that it spreads because of a composite chain of matters that take place in the brain during the long time. However, scientists have discerned certain risk factors that expand the probability of progressing Alzheimer’s. One thing is important to know that every environmental fact can affect the genes and it may lead to mutation in cells.

The cause(s) of Alzheimer’s disease is (are) not comprehended. One of the extensively studied and investigated hypotheses about the origin of Alzheimer’s disease is the “amyloid cascade hypothesis”. The most vigorous information confirming the amyloid cascade hypothesis was about the research of early-onset inherited (genetic) Alzheimer’s disease. Mutations related with Alzheimer’s disease have been discovered in about half of the people with Alzheimer’s disease with early-onset disorder. Researchers know that in the brain of each one of these ailing people, the mutation causes to surplus creation of a tiny protein section named ABeta (Aβ). Assuredly, great number of the study in detecting methods to block or slow down sickness has concentrated on manners to reduce the rate of Aβ in the brain.

The greatest consequential genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease is the apoE4 gene. Every person has a paired set of genes, one from the mother and the other one from the father. ApoE4 is one type of the apoE gene, the other variants that seems to non-malignant are apoE2 and apoE3 genes. Provided a person’s pair of apoE genes carries two apoE4 genes the risk of disease extends to ten times; on other hand, if a person’s pair of apoE genes contains one apoE4, they have three times the ordinary possibility of expending Alzheimer’s disease. Nonetheless, individuals without apoE4 genes may lead to Alzheimer’s disease and persons with two apoE4 genes will not definitely get the illness. The important matter is the process, in which the brain has to achieve a definite crucial age for the malady to occur.

The scientists have studied about the different causes of Alzheimer’s disease, and they have found some risk factors associated with this disease, some of them include:

Age- with aging process, organism’s abilities become less productive and it can happened in the brain as well.
Diabetes type 2 – blood vessel and heart disorders associated with diabetes can affect to brain.
Education- people with less than six years of education are in risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
Menopause- in post-menopausal, the decrease of estrogen hormone may lead to this disorder.
Brain injuries- some of head injuries are risk factors for the development of disease.
Family history- the majority of diseases in over average age has connection with family link.
Other risk factors- herpes simplex virus, stress, smoking, high cholesterol, alcohol drinking, strokes, drugs, depression, high blood pressure, obesity, Down syndrome, chronic inflammatory conditions, mild cognitive impairment, aluminum and set.

Recent analysis proposed the hypothesis that environmental factor such as Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) infection of the CNS may start AD, along with the other studies which concentrate to the genetic. However, supplementary researches are necessary to interpret the role of these factors; on the other hand, it can be a complex etiological disease.

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